36 Shower Door

36 Shower Door. Bath doors and enclosures really are a larger financial investment than patients colorful swaths of plastic material or canvas hanging through matching rings, so it’s vital that you consider which type suits your bathrooms needs. Maybe it’s a dogging door with hinges; the curved enclosure for a difficult corner; a frameless modern model; textured glass; or maybe customized panels to suit your specific style. Read on for some from the latest and greatest item options.

36 Shower Door. With towel pubs inside and out, the actual space-efficient 46½ inch through 72 inch sliding City Square shower door housing from American Standard features a smart design and smooth look. It comes in clear tempered safety glass to show out of your tile style, or within antique glass for colour contrast. The metal framework, available in a polished chrome, blackened bronze, polished brass, or even satin finish, can enhance adjacent bath hardware. Regarding $974-$1196 for clear cup (depending on frame); regarding $1499-$1699 for antique a glass