Frameless Shower Tub Doors


Frameless Shower Tub Doors. Among the final products you need to arrange for in your bathroom remodel is the Frameless Shower Door, or even also known as a “Heavy” Bathtub Door. With almost unlimited options and configurations, our skilled personnel guidance is at your removal to help you make your decision a lot more informed, easier, and stress-free.

Is this even possible? The shower is 6ft by 44in. Kerdiboard on almost all 3 sides. The entire shower floor will be hot mopped. The drain in the Curbless shower is in the side which will have the fixed glass. I favor a sliding glass front door as that will make the entry to the towel rod within the wall easier and I actually want to avoid tracks on the floor (the whole reason we selected Curbless shower. Frameless Shower Tub Doors I would like to see some pictures for those who have seen something like this

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