Frosted Glass Shower Door

Frosted Glass Shower Door Frosted patterns reduce solar heat and also providing a unique decorative characteristic. Available on clear glass, or assure 100% privacy, all of us also sandblast designs about opaque acid frosted a glass. The subtle contrast between satin finish of acidity frosted glass and the matte finish of the sandblasted layouts provides an intriguing visual effect. Great for shower screens, restroom windows and commercial programs where privacy is a precondition. Frosted Glass changes regular windows, shower screens, wine glass doors or balustrade individual panels into works of practical art. The changing sun light throughout the day creates different features on the artwork, subtly changing the mood of a space.

They are all very different – circular, rectangular, neo-angle, D-shaped ~ but all DreamLine™ shower area enclosures share the same simple lineage. All these shower enclosures are made of tempered glass coupled with anodized aluminum profiles. Frosted Glass Shower Door Housing glass may be installed on personalized tiled bases or intended for streamlined installation may be along with optional DreamLine™ shower basics. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes these bathe enclosures are designed for installation towards finished acrylic or ceramic walls. Add a simple bath head or an advanced DreamLine™ shower column and create the toilet of Your Dreams™ with DreamLine™ shower enclosures.