Glass Shower Tub Doors


Glass Shower Tub Doors.
One of the best things about this type of bathroom fixture is that the close off is guaranteed water tight. What this means is there will be no water seeping anywhere outside of your bathtub or shower enclosure since the seal on the door is going to be tight and fit proper. No matter if it is a slider, the pivot or folding sections, they will fit the starting.

For large tubs or perhaps doublewide style, there is the Wealth double. The Opulence collection features clear glass along with a chrome frame, although it is known as a frameless look. The reason being the frame is small , and will blend in well using the background tile or what ever is behind it. There is also the Sure-Glide track program which keeps each panel in the own track and ensures smooth, quite sliding of every panel. There are 6 2 panel doors and four three panel doors from the Opulence series.

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