New Shower Doors


New Shower Doors.
It's important to note some useful tips and pros and cons of the 2 different styles when choosing your bathtub door. The first consideration will be how close the shower area head will be to the door. Often the framed door is designed to close off shut with a magnetic tape and have additional rubber finalizes and sweeps to help stop water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor. When much enough away from the bathe head, a frameless front door and its quarter inch difference around the door is no longer any target for excessive spraying. For sliding glass entrance doors the splashing is less of the issue because the two sections overlap.

The Framed goblet doors are the most common kind of doors and glass solar panels used in shower and bathtub enclosures. While the popularity of this kind of door has made way for typically the sleek and clean outlines of frameless glass doorways, there have been new improvements within the look and finishes on the framed glass and steel trim. Currently there are fourteen different metal finishes along with 7 different glass models that I offer my customers for the framed glass bath panels and doors. A lot has changed since the old material trim that was offered in mere silver and gold. The glass surface finishes are pretty impressive also, although the majority of clients select the clear glass to show down their new custom ceramic tile showers that we build.

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