Shower Door Enclosures


Shower Door Enclosures Kinds of Shower Doorways: Barring custom-built models, you will find three primary types of shower door you can buy -- sliding, swinging, or bi-fold. Sliding doorways are 2 or 3 separate sections that push past one another on the track to produce a dent for your shower. They are good if you're setting them up over your bath tub because they need width to function correctly. Sliding doorways fail to work well for any narrow stall because the opening will not be large enough.

Shower Door Enclosures Swinging doorways could be of either the double or single variety however they occupy much space.. They are effective on bath tub and stall showers, but you must have much space before them so that they swing out correctly. Bi-fold doorways perform best in narrow bath rooms. These doorways work on an accordion principle and fold in to the shower while you push the doorway to 1 side.

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