Shower Door Frameless


Shower Door Frameless. The “single frameless shower door” is just that, a single doorway. All of our frameless doors golf swing both in and out and can self center once they move the “half way” stage. We also have pivot joint shower doors which disperse most of the weight onto the ground mounted hinge instead of the walls. Once you provide us with your dimensions, we can propose the best design for your opening.

Shower Door Frameless. Don’t worry in case your walls are not straight. All of us custom cut your cup to your opening size therefore it fits like it was should be like that there! Also, please bear in mind your opening cannot be bigger than 36” to use a single entrance. We do not recommend having a bigger door unless you need to have the wheelchair assessable opening. If you have an opening 31” to 33” or larger, we suggest using a shower door having an inline stationary panel structure. Remember the bigger the bath door, the heavier it really is as well as being awkward to obtain around such a large a glass shower door.

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