Shower Door Glass 2016


Shower Door Glass, Choosing the right shower doors to complement the decorating scheme of a newly remodeled bathroom can become a challenging part of a building or remodeling project. With so many different styles of shower doors to choose from, it is often challenging to know which design scheme to choose. At eShowerDoor, we have every style and design imaginable. Whether you are a contractor or else you are attempting a weekend remodeling job, our broad range of both traditional and unique shower doors makes it possible for your project to be a complete success in an affordably low cost.

EShowerDoor focuses primarily on the manufacturing of custom shower doors. Shower Door Glass, We use only the highest quality materials in manufacturing a shower entrance kit. We start with 3/8 or 1/2 " annealed glass, which is basically very thick window glass. We cut it to size, polish the edges, cut notches and drill holes as required. Following your glass passes a physical inspection, it goes into the tempering process. The glass is heated up to about 1, 2 hundred degrees and then quenched with cool air to both sides. The cool air hardens the outside surface of the glass.

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