Shower Door Knobs


Shower Door Knobs GDI offers a full range of products to get frameless shower door devices. Products include shower front door hinges, hinge and manage sets, glass clamps, a number of pulls and handles, U-channel, thresholds, knobs, towel pubs, shower door kits, moving shower door hardware, as well as designer accessories.
Shower Doorway Knobs All AMERICAN BATH DOOR hardware is strong brass plated to the complete of your choice. All standard surface finishes and custom colors present you with beautiful handles, hinges and also clips in all finishes. Request us for samples of the conclusion you need whether it be Chrome, Refined Brass, Brushed Nickel, Finished Nickel, Pewter, Oil Applied Bronze, 24 K Precious metal, Vibrant Brushed Bronze, or perhaps a special color that is just yours.

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