Shower Door Splash Guard

Shower Door Splash Guard Revealed is a device which, whenever installed in cooperation using the wall of a shower not work and the front upper side of a bathtub, prevents normal water from exiting the difference between a shower drape and the wall during technique shower. The device comprises a good elongate, generally U-shaped gadget, one leg of the U-shape or first side walls for sealing engagement with all the wall of the stall as well as the other leg or 2nd wall directed or angled toward the tub. Top of the portion of the device on the side wall structure is cut away in order to facilitate movement of the bathtub curtain and rings beyond the side wall.

GlassWorks’ Sprinkle Panels and Shower Protects come in bi-fold and fixed screen designs. Shower Door Splash Guard Our fixed section offers one immobile sprinkle guard, while the bi-fold little water panel design offers 1 fixed panel and a second one which can fold out of the way to permit easy access to the faucet. We all start the process by analyzing your space in your home. Our own design professional will work along with you to provide a design and design that maximizes the look along with functionality of your entire toilet. Because of our expertise, we are able to offer design ideas in addition to dramatic touches others just never consider.