Shower Door Squeegee


Shower Door Squeegee This extendible shower squeegee will help maintain your shower squeaky clean in addition to mildew free. Made of corrosion proof aluminum, the squeegee extends to 18 inches to get tall showers and features a heavy-duty suction cup with regard to hanging. The blade is around 10 inches wide, which will cover a lot of surface area when squeegeeing your shower and hot tub surround. The rubber edge is replaceable and also long-lasting. Of course you can use this beyond the shower on any flat working surface as well.

Keep your bath tub, bathe, and sink clean along with one of our tub as well as shower squeegees. Shower Door Squeegee We have person squeegees, squeegees with hangers, and replacement squeegee cutting blades, providing you with everything you need to reduce the opportunity of mold and mildew in your bath. Check out the OXO All Objective Squeegee and Suction Hanger, pictured here, to read the particular reviews by some of all of our customers and find out why this kind of shower squeegee is such a success.

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