Splendor Shower Door


Splendor Shower Door. During the past, customers would send in sketches of the products they required, then customer service representatives might create a manufacturing order, create copies and send all those off to different departments. Vp of Operations Rob Reese, who works out of the Iowa office, complained that marketing communications suffered: “As we increased to open the Birmingham as well as Atlanta facilities, the paper- work was here [and our employees] didn’t have access to it and we would have to retrieve it right here and fax it for them. ”

Splendor Shower Door. Before PaperSave, Splendor’s customers who called needing a replacement door or screen had to physically remeasure simply because both parties had purged or even stored the drawings within a virtually unreachable place. Right now, Reese explained, even if a client ordered a unit two years back, any of Splendor’s employees may retrieve the drawing instantly, reducing the research time from times to a matter of minutes: “I contact it ‘auto-magic. ’”

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